Health Inequalities - physical health and wellbeing

A report by the Mental Health Foundation in 2011 considered health inequalities for those with serious mental health problems, identifying the depressingly persistent links between poverty and poor mental health, consigning people to lives of social disadvantage, lack of opportunity and unemployment. Read more

Improving care and treatment for people with schizophrenia and psychosis

In 2004 the Government and the NHS conducted a major survey into schizophrenia care and treatment in Scotland and this review made recommendations and set standards for health professionals. Once of those standards was to introduce Integrated Care Pathways for people who received this diagnosis so that they could receive quick and streamlined care. Read more

Challenging Stigma

Support in Mind Scotland was one of the founder members of the See Me campaign in 2002. At Support in Mind Scotland we have a specific interest and specialist expertise in challenging stigma associated with schizophrenia and psychosis. Read more

Involvement and taking a rights-based approach

Support in Mind Scotland believes that people with mental health issues and their families, friends and supporters should control the decisions that are made that impact on their lives and should be involved in all levels of decision-making. Read more

Criminal Justice and mental illness

A high proportion of people who are taken into custody and who receive prison sentences have mental health issues, including experiencing serious mental illness such as psychosis and bipolar disorder.[ Read more

Forensic Mental Health Services

Forensic mental health services assess and treat people who are called ‘mentally disordered offenders’ under the Mental Health Act and who are detained in secure health facilities. Read more

Early Intervention in the treatment for psychosis and services for young people

Schizophrenia is known as a young person’s illness as symptoms can first appear when someone is in their early teens. Read more

Older people and mental illness

Our services support people without age limits, and so we provide continuity of support to people as they reach older age. Read more

Influencing policy

Support in Mind Scotland has an important role in promoting the rights of the people we support, particularly those who are treated under the Mental Health Act, and other related legislation. Read more