Am I at risk- John

John is 42 years of age, he lives alone and is socially isolated. He has three siblings who has no contact with but he does maintain a link with his parents.

He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and self medicates with alcohol and prescription drugs.

During one of your visits he discloses that he was physically abused by his father, he states that this abuse continues as he is powerless to confront his father. When he was younger, he told his mother but she denied the family situation, instead calling him a trouble maker. His siblings have never talked of any abuse taking place in the family.

His father visits the house regularly and after these visits you have noted a marked deterioration in John’s mental and physical health. When you address your concerns with him, he refuses to talk.

Am I at risk- Mabel

Mabel is an 80-year-old lady who has a history of alcohol misuse and as a result has been diagnosed with Korsakoff psychosis. She has 2 adult children, a son who she has little contact with and a daughter to whom she has remained close.

Throughout her life, Mabel has been very transient and has had a number of tenancies from the local council, all of which have broken down for various reasons. The latest was a supported accommodation project which Mabel abandoned.

She has been living with her daughter who has a history of drug and alcohol misuse and who is known to the local police and has a criminal record for petty crime.

Mabel seems content to be living with her daughter and appears to be happy to continue with this arrangement. You have assessed that lately she has appeared tired, dishevelled and has been disorientated.

She has spoken about several people visiting the house and staying for extended periods of time. She appears to enjoy the company, not realising the possible intentions of her daughter’s associates and states quite clearly that they are all friendly.