Lisa is Coping

Lisa is a mother of two primary aged children who lives alone with her children. The local social work child and family team are involved with the family and Lisa has lately been allocated a CPN on her discharge from hospital.

During her stay in hospital, the children were cared for in foster care where they settled well. The school also supported them to make this adjustment and the foster carers ensured that they had twice weekly visits to see their mother in hospital.

Lisa has completed a risk assessment with you and a safety plan is in place should she feel that she is struggling to cope.

Shortly after her discharge, you observe that Lisa has been self harming but she tells you that she waits until the children go to bed before she harms herself.  On further probing, she tells you that the children are at home in the evenings but are staying with a friend overnight. When you ask for further information she refuses to talk to you and threatens to cancel your visits.

You remind her that respite care is available for the children but she tells you that she is ‘sorting things’

Lisa has a history of suicidal thoughts and has on several occasions taken overdoses of prescribed medication.

Tom is moving on

Tom is a single parent and has sole custody of his 8 year old son, Nathan.

Nathan’s mother has no contact with the family and her whereabouts are unknown.

Tom has a history of severe depression and has had brief hospital admissions but throughout has had the support of his mother who has been a positive influence on Nathan’s childhood.

During his Father’s hospital admissions, Nathan has stayed with his Grandmother.

You have had no concerns for Nathan’s wellbeing.

Tom now tells you that he is in a new relationship with someone he met at a local resource centre and she is planning to move in with him and Nathan.

You do not disclose to Tom that you know this woman but from previous contact with her you know that she is prone to violent outbursts and can be physically aggressive. She has been arrested twice and charged with menacing behaviour. She has three children all of whom have been looked after by the Local Authority for a number of years.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s Grandmother who attends a SiMS Carer support group tells you that her contact with Nathan is being hindered by Tom’s partner.