Professional Practice

  • One of your colleagues tells you they are having their house decorated. You discover that a service user who is an experienced decorator is undertaking the work but you know that he is vulnerable.  When you discuss this with your colleague he says the service user volunteered and that he is paying the service user in cash to help with his Christmas shopping expenditure.

  • A service user who you have supported over a number of years invites you and a colleague to their wedding. You know it is important to her that you share in the celebrations. Your colleague considers that it would be rude not to accept the invitation.

  • You are allocated a new referral and after the initial meeting you realise the person makes you feel very uncomfortable and that you begin to feel anxious as their next appointment time approaches. Although you have considered why this may be so, you cannot connect your feelings to any of your previous experiences. You consider ways of postponing future support sessions but know that this is not professional.

  • Your colleague receives an e mail to their SiMS email address which is clearly racist from a service user. Your colleague becomes upset and before you can offer support she replies to the service user telling him that she is offended by the language and that she wishes no further professional contact with this person.

  • You mention to a service user that you are attending an open community event which is taking place over the weekend. They ask if they can accompany you as they would like to go but have no one to go with. You have assessed them to be isolated and know that attending the event would be positive for them.

  • One of your service users has a strong cultural belief that they should bring a small gift to you as a mark of respect at each support session. You are aware that culturally, it would be considered by this person to be disrespectful if they did not do this. Whilst the gifts are small you are worried that others may take advantage but you also know how important it is to respect cultural differences.