For the many people living with mental health issues, or mental illness, the coronavirus crisis is creating added levels of anxiety and stress. The Covid-19 outbreak is impacting on every single person in our country as we adjust to the new restrictions on our day-to-day lives.  

We can all identify with worrying about whether or not we or someone close to us catches the illness and about what that will mean. We also have to cope with not seeing family and friends and losing those vital social connections that are so important to our mental wellbeing. 

Support in Mind Scotland supports people living with poor mental health and we know that they are not only struggling with increased isolation due to social distancing, but are also becoming increasingly fearful about what it means for them if it goes on for many months. 

People rely on services like ours to give information and advice, help with practical everyday decisions and ensure that they are referred to the appropriate health services that they need. 

We are continuing to provide this vital support through this crisis, and have already developed new, remote ways of connecting with people and making sure that they not only have our support but are put in touch with other community groups that can help them 

BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO HELP THOSE IN NEED. Fundraising efforts will continue, but with community events cancelled or postponed, and so many people affected personally by job and financial uncertainty, we know that every penny raised will matter more than ever. 

Can you help? With need rising and income falling, we are appealing to our supporters to give what they can to ensure that we rise to the challenge of supporting people who need the essential reassurance that they are not alone. 

To give you examples of what your generous support could provide: 

£10 would provide four 20-minute support calls to our service users. 

£20 would pay for an hour of specialised support for people facing additional challenges 

£50 would buy us 3-hours of support for staff 

£100 would buy us a smart phone to allow face-to-face video contact with our service users. 

Every donation will be gratefully received and will help us support people during these most difficult of times. We fully understand that some people will not be able to afford to make a donation at this time. Perhaps you can support us in other ways, by sharing our appeal or our National Information number 0300 323 1545. 

You can donate to Support in Mind Scotland via  

Our website:  
Or on Facebook: 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our appeal. 

Stay safe, 

Frances Simpson, 

Support in Mind Scotland CEO