Working in partnership with the specialist CAMHS service MAXC (intensive outreach team)

CU Thru Dundee and Angus look to support young people (12-18) with the most complex mental health issues.

As a result of their mental health issues many young people are not in education, have little or no peer support, and are compromised in their capacity to participate in hobbies and interests across their communities.

By providing a range of personalised services with young people, CU Thru looks to support them maintain and strengthen their connections and investments in their personal goals and aspirations whilst in the care of Camhs services.

CU Thru youth workers meet regularly with the young person and in partnership, identify the areas and support needed to pursue their  personal goals and participation in activities which enhance their well-being , building confidence in the  areas which will support their transitions  and complements their treatment and care plan. 

This service is available to Dundee and Angus young people.

For further information, contact:

[email protected]