Dane and Mig share with us what it is like to support a brother and son with schizophrenia and how it has affected family life.
Paul shares in his own words what it is like to live with schizophrenia and have the support of his brother and mum.

Dane and Mig appear in a series of short videos and Paul talks in an audio interview.

Dane explains what it was like for him to grow up with a brother who was ill and needed a lot of attention.  He also talkes about realising that he too needed attention.

Dane explains how he and his mum used to work all hours, kept on going to cope with their family situation and Paul's ill health.

Dane tells us how, as he learnt more about schizophrenia, the illness and its symptoms, he became more able to cope with the situation, with its ups and its downs.

Mig and Dane explains how they come to understand that Paul's behaviour was the start of something more serious, and that it was time to take Paul to the doctor's.

Mig tells how hard it is to get the right support for your son, and how important it is to get support for yourself as a parent.

Dane and Mig, both private people,  talk about how difficult it is to share their stories to a wider audience.  As Dane says 'to take your hair and make-up off'.

Mig and Dane tell us why it is important that people should become members of the organisation, and what it has brought them.