Dumfries and Galloway Services

*Please note that our services based in Dumfries and Galloway operate on a referral only basis, please contact your GP or Community Mental Health Team if you would like to be referred for support

Annan - The Nursery Place Resource Centre

To view Annan's December 2016 Newsletter, click the link below


The Nursery Place Resource Centre provides support to people aged 16 to 65 who experience mental illness. We offer support in the Centre in addition to providing both an Outreach and Employability Service.We provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere, a range of activities and the opportunity to meet other people with similar experiences. Our aim is to support people to have the best quality of life possible.

We support people in the following ways:

  • Outreach service - individual support in your own home or elsewhere
  • Arranging healthy activities, such as walking and team games
  • Helping to find out what the community has to offer
  • Referring people to the Employability service which provides information and support to access paid and unpaid employment, education and training
  • Providing access to computers and the internet
  • Arranging art and craft and cookery sessions
  • Providing volunteering opportunities
  • Regular days out

Monday: 1pm–5pm
Wednesday: 12pm-4pm
Friday: 12pm–4pm

Nursery Place Resource Centre
Nursery Place
DG12 5DD
Tel: 01461 204975

Castle Douglas - Stewartry Resource Centre

View the December 2016 edition of the Stewartry Resource Centre Newsletter by clicking the PDF links below:


We offer support to individuals experiencing mental ill health. The services we offer range from supporting people in their own homes to leisure and recreational groups, occasional outings and life skills.

  • Outreach Service - Offers you one-to-one support with doing things you want to but find difficult. Some of the areas we can help you with are support with practical tasks, help building social networks and help with building confidence and motivation
  • Lunch Club – (This is held at the Community Centre). This is for service users who want to meet people and take part in activities in a relaxed and understanding environment. Once a month we hold an evening session where activities have varied from an Internet Café, Quiz Night, Games Night and Ladies Night.
  • Activity Groups – During the year we run a diverse range of groups such as Basic Computing, Digital Photography, Card Making, Litearcy and Numeracy, Quilting, Beach Cleans, Art, Swimming, Christmas Decorations and Shiatsu.
  • Life Skills – This includes groups and 1:1 sessions aimed to build up confidence and skill and to promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Mindfulness, art work, cooking/healthy eating, creative writing, gardening, relaxation techniques, yoga and Qi Gong are some of the ways which can help you feel better and enjoy life. If you would like to look at volunteering, education or returning to the workplace, the Life Skills worker can help.
  • Bi-monthly a member of the Council’s Financial Inclusion Assessment Team visits the project to assist service users with any benefit queries they may have.
  • Newsletter – This is sent to service users monthly detailing that month’s events.

Contact details:

Support in Mind Scotland,
84b King Street,
Castle Douglas,

Telephone: 01556 504139

Email: stewartry@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Dumfries - Dumfries and Galloway Services Carers' Support Project 

Dumfries and Galloway Carers’ Support Project supports anybody who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness.

A carer can be anyone. It can be a relative, partner, neighbour or friend.
A carer does not necessarily live with the person they care for.

Do you identify with any of the above?

If so, help is available.
Help is available
The Support In Mind Scotland Carers Support Worker provides a support and information service for carers throughout Dumfries & Galloway.

The service provides:

  • Time to be listened to
  • Confidential one to one support
  • Carers' mutual support groups
  • Information about mental illness
  • Support on recognising systems of care and how to use them
  • Support in accessing other services
  • Information and support on Carers rights
  • Referral to other agencies

Contact Details
Support in Mind Scotland
Bankend Road
Tel: 01387 249513
Email: smcewen@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Dumfries - C U Thru

C U Thru is an employability project for 16-30 year olds experiencing mental ill health. We can support you to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem, help you feel more in control of your own life and feel able to make positive decisions to improve your quality of life.

We provide a friendly relaxed atmosphere, a safe place to focus on recovery and help to work towards your own development, usually on a short-term focused basis.

We can support you to increase your employability, and access paid and unpaid employment, training and education.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 9-4.30pm

Contact Details:

2 Gordon Street
Tel: 01387 255072

mobiles- Hazel- 07739216462
              Jenny- 07798642161
              Emma- 07739216449

Email: cuthru@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Dumfries - The Genesis Project

The Genesis Project is a computer training project for people aged 16-65 who experience

By doing some ICT training at the Genesis Project, you may improve your chances of access paid and unpaid employment, training and education.

  • You should aim to attend the project for at least six hours per week, at times and days that suit you.
  • Our provide training and support, although some work will be on your own initiative.
  • Courses are designed for the complete beginner up to advanced level, so you can study at your own pace and level.


  • SQA National Units (Approved Training Centre)
  • ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence)
  • ECDL Advanced

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (10am – 4.30pm)
Friday (10am-1pm)
Contact Details

Support In Mind Scotland
2 Gordon Street
Tel: 01387 255072
Fax: 01387 268966
Email: dtodd@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Dumfries - Kaleidoscope 

View the November 2016 edition of the Kaleidoscope Newsletter by clicking the PDF link below:


Kaleidoscope Resource Centre is close to Dumfries town centre. It offers a meeting place for people affected by mental illness to socialise, take part in activities, learn new skills and improve their confidence and well-being. There are also several outings over the year, planned with people who use the service and include visiting areas of local history, wildlife parks, and short supported breaks like going camping or fishing.

Kaleidoscope is a joint project with NHS Dumfries and Galloway. The building is provided and maintained by NHS Dumfries and Galloway.

We support people in the following areas of their lives:

  • Mental and Physical health and well-being
  • Social, cultural and recreational activities
  • Skills development
  • Housing and environment
  • Financial confidence
  • Involvement.
  • Outreach Service supports adults and a dedicated Youth Outreach service is available for people aged 16-30. If you require one-to-one support to help you to lead as fulfilling and meaningful a life as possible, please call to find out more about what Outreach support you might be able to access.
  • Volunteer Support Service – Do you want to get back to work in a step-by-step way or to try something different? Then volunteering may be for you. Speak to our Volunteer Co-ordinator about opportunities available in the project.

Opening Hours:
We are open up to 7 days of the week, most days of the year. Opening times are as follows:
Monday: 9:30am-3:30pm
Tuesday: 9:30am-3:30pm
Wednesday: 9:30am-3:30pm
Thursday: 9:30am-3:30pm
Friday: 9:30am-3:30pm
Saturday: occasional
Sunday: occasional

Contact Details:
Support In Mind Scotland
Bankend Road
Tel: 01387 249513
Email: kaleidoscope@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Dumfries - The Life Skills Project

The Life Skills Project is a multi-award-winning employability service that provides learning opportunities for people aged 16 to 65 affected by mental ill health.

Learning takes place in groups or on a one-to-one basis, in a way which is relaxed, informal and fun. The aim of all our courses is to enhance quality of life and promote social interaction, while also increasing the confidence, self-esteem and independence of learners.
All courses have elements of literacy and/or numeracy embedded.

  • What we offer
  • Art Groups
  • Digital Photography Groups
  • Help with literacy and maths
  • Knitting Group
  • Environmental Group
  • Healthy Eating
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence-building
  • Help with application forms
  • Interview skills
  • Preparing for paid or unpaid work, training or education
  • Personal development plans

Contact Details
Support In Mind Scotland
Life Skills Project
2 Gordon Street
Dumfries, DG1 1EG
E-mail: jscott@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Queen Street Resource Centre - Newton Stewart

View the December 2016 edition of the Newton Stewart Newsletter by clicking the PDF links below:


The Step Out Club - provides a wide variety of activities for people to get involved with and the opportunity to meet new people. This includes a weekly drop-in session where you can come in for a coffee and socialise, use the computer or try out something from the Craft Box. We also offer other activities, for example horse riding and days out.

  • Wigtownshire Outreach - provides 1-1 practical and emotional support to people who may be struggling to do the things they want due to difficulties arising from mental ill health. Support can be in your own home or in the community. We support people to use social, recreational and educational facilities and to develop friendships and interests.
  • Employability Service - offers support and information to people wishing to explore routes back to work or who are already in work, education or training, helping them to achieve their personal goals.

For further information please contact:
Support in Mind Scotland
53 Queen Street
Newton Stewart
DG8 6JR.

Telephone: 01671 403780
Email: newtonstewart@supportinmindscotland.org.uk

Support in Mind Scotland - Stranraer

View the November 2016 edition of the Stranraer Newsletter by clicking the PDF link below:


  • Resource Centre – here we provide a safe environment for people to receive advice and talk about issues that are affecting them as well as being able to participate in activities and socialise with people in a similar situation to themselves. We facilitate numerous activities within the centre, such as cooking, basic computer sessions, but we also encourage people to get involved with what’s going on in the community including swimming, walking and gym sessions.

  • Carers Support Group - this is a regular group for people who support someone who is experiencing mental ill health. The group meet to talk to others in similar situations to themselves and receive staff support, information about services and events in the local area and further afield. They also participate in consultations relating to mental health and carers legislation. One to one support is also available should anyone require this.

The group is open to anyone supporting someone affected by mental ill health, no referral is necessary.

  • Employability Service – this service provides support for people who are in employment (supported, paid or voluntary), training, education or are working towards any of these. As well as one to one and group support, service users are supported to attend our Work Group (registered with and approved by Jobcentre Plus), where they work on building a CV; looking for work; applying for jobs, training or education; building up interview skills; access universal job match; use the Internet to search for employment and work on coping skills in the workplace.

    For those who are not yet ready to go into employment, there is a MAST Group (Multi Agency Support Team) where people from our organisation and partner organisations work together to gain an SVQ level 3 or 4. They also use ILA grants to access college courses and attend short courses in local libraries.

    For those already in employment, regulations state that if a person is in supported employment, they can only continue this for more than 12 months if they are supported by a third sector organisation. We act as this organisation.
  • Outreach and Housing Support Service– we provide a one to one service for people needing support to carry out everyday tasks or maintain their tenancy. This support includes emotional, social and practical support. Examples are menu planning, shopping, organising bills and finances, support to organise and attend appointments, developing skills, maintaining mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Contact Details:
Thistle Street,
DG9 7HU.
Telephone: 01776 706348.
Email: phoenix@supportinmindscotland.org.uk
Opening times vary, please contact us for details