Schizophrenia is known as a young person’s illness as symptoms can first appear when someone is in their early teens.

Often initial symptoms are misunderstood and attributed to teenage challenging behaviour; or they can be linked to substance misuse and so underlying illness is missed.

Research tells us that intervening early and particularly at this first episode, can bring dramatically improved outcomes – but too often people are not treated early and by the time they receive treatment, their illness is much harder to control or overcome.

The actions we are taking:

  • Raising awareness of schizophrenia and the need to intervene early to improve outcomes

We have also established a new service for young people in Dundee (14-18 year olds) called CU Thru Dundee that aims to support young people with serious mental health issues to develop peer networks, friendships and to access community activities for young people. This is funded by Better Breaks.