Our services in Edinburgh are based in the Stafford Centre which is a community resource for people experiencing mental ill health who are living in the Edinburgh area. Our aim is to help people to manage their mental health, gain greater self-confidence and become more integrated within the community.

The Stafford Centre Carers Support Project Offers a range of supports to carers of those experiencing mental illness so that they can continue in their caring role.  We can provide practical advice, emotional support, information and contact with other carers.

Groups – we run various groups from the Stafford Centre including tai Chi, art, music, wellbeing, walking, photography and crafts.

Drop-in – The Centre operates as a Drop-In where people can enjoy the company of others in a relaxed, friendly and safe environment and begin to build supportive networks.

Snack Bar - Serving home-made soup, lunches and a variety of snacks, tea, coffee etc., all at reasonable prices. Some centre users help by volunteering behind the counter.

Next Step Service –Next Step service is the Stafford Centre's registered service where people can build reliance from one-to-one support and guidance. We aim to help you find an interest or activity that will improve your  skills, build your confidence and assist you to take a step forward in your life.

We offer information and guidance about education and training, volunteering, leisure activities, paid employment and can help you to find out more about any opportunity that interests you.

Counselling Service - Most people at some time in their lives experience mental health difficulties or problems and feel they are on their own or unable to move forward. It is often hard to speak to family and friends about these worries and there is a need at these times to speak with someone who will listen and understand and accept us as we are.

Radio Show – Our Radio Station is run by people who use our service. Radio Stafford 103 is about sharing with others and informing people about mental health issues and services. We are not about being perfect but about having fun, getting involved and reaching out to people who may be experiencing similar issues. We all have good days and not so good days – isn’t that just like life

The Stafford Centre
103 Broughton Street

Tel: 0131 557 0718

You can access the Stafford Centre's website here - http://www.staffordcentre.org.uk