A Family and Friends Information Pack has been developed by Support in Mind Scotland and the NHS Forensic Mental Health Services Managed Care Network (Forensic Network), with support from staff from NHS Boards across Scotland.

We recognise the need to ensure that all stakeholders are supported to understand information about the services we provide. Based on what is proportionate and reasonable, we can provide information on documents in alternative formats and are happy to discuss with you the most practical format suitable for your needs. Some of the services we are able to explore accessing include, interpretation, translation, large print, braille, tape recorded material, sign language, use of plan English or images.

If you require information in another format, please contact the Forensic Network Office on 01555 842018.

We would welcome any feedback on this pack. This feedback can be sent to : [email protected] or telephone 01555 842018.

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  1. Forensic Mental Health Services
  2. Types of Forensic Mental Health Services, Care & Treatment
  3. Carers & Carers’ Rights
  4. Different Types of Carers in Law
  5. Confidentiality & Advocacy
  6. Mental Illness & Diagnosis
  7. Mental Health Tribunals & Patient’s Rights
  8. What Family, Friends & Visitors Need to Know
  9. Making a Complaint & Key Contacts