No photo description available.The Neuk Anchor House Support Service

The Neuk Anchor House Support Service are a local service specifically designed to support people in crisis through a "one stop shop" inter-agency, peer-supported safe space.

No photo description available.Andysmanclub

For any man who is going through a storm, or been through a storm or just wants to come along & meet a good group of people.

Scotland All-Strong | Scotland All-Strong Perth ScotlandScotland All Strong

Scotland All Strong is a social enterprise that offer a range of core programmes of fitness with the aim to make people feel better. They promote physical activity, mindful relaxation and community connections as powerful tools for the recovery, self-management and early intervention/prevention of common mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, chronic stress and low mood.

This blended approach to health and mental wellbeing is delivered in their inviting setting and welcoming atmosphere.

All Strong hold a Tea and chat session on Mondays at 4pm and access to their app is free for 1 yr for residents in Perth and Kinross. We have found this to be a social platform with a wide range of groups for a range of topics.

Support ChoicesSupport Choices - Outside The Box

Support Choices is a new project that helps people living in Perth and Kinross to get the social care and support that they need. Support Champions will share information in their local areas. 

MindSpace P&K

Promoting Positive Mental Health For The People Of Perth & Kinross. Mindspace offer 4 services to both adults, and young people above the age of 11, to support you and your mental wellbeing in a way that is best suited to you.

Perth and Kinross Council - WikipediaPerth & Kinross Council - MoveAhead

MoveAhead is a locally based support service which enables people with mental health support needs to access opportunities and services in the community. It aims to help people regain confidence self-esteem and enhance individual skills and encourages people to realise their full potential. The service provides one to one support to people who wish to participate in a variety of community based activities and mainstream opportunities. Individual support focuses on helping people to link into a wide range of activities such as voluntary work, work preparation, leisure, recreation, education and social opportunities. The service focuses on enabling individuals to obtain meaningful activity which may be volunteering, engagement in meaningful activity or developing skills to return to employment.