I've chosen to take part in the 100 streets challenge for Support in Mind Scotland because this last year most fundraising has had to take a back seat. This is a safe way to show my support and raise a few pounds for a fantastic organisation.

I feel very lucky to work for Support in Mind Scotland (SiMS), one of the founding partners of Mental Health UK.
SiMS aim to improve the quality of life for anyone whose mental health problems or mental illness has a serious impact on their life and on the lives of others, including family, friends, carers and supporters.
SiMS are involved in over 20 diverse projects across Scotland.
They specialise in working with people who are hard to reach, either in terms of geography, like the National Rural Mental Health Forum, or in terms of seriousness of mental health issues, like psychosis.
They fight for people's rights.
They work for a better future, using evidence-based research to influence policy makers.

Click on the link for more info: https://youtu.be/CnRl1WSAyH8

Debbie Wickens