Monday, October 10 is World Mental Health Day 2016. The SprOggs and I have decided to raise money for Support in Mind Scotland. We’re going to walk 100 miles in 100 days. We’ve started too late to complete this by World Mental Health Day but 100 days takes us to October 17th so I feel that is ok! It maybe doesn’t sound much to you but taking time out for a mile a day is no mean feat when you factor in a normal busy day. Walking has many benefits for both physical and mental health – so whilst helping the charity we will be helping our health as well – can’t be bad!
There will be days when a mile a day is not feasible but we will make up for this and do more on other days. My boy is away to scout camp for 2 weeks but whilst away he is doing approx. 36 miles over 3 days – I’m going to let him count that towards the 100. My girl is away for a week at Guide camp and any walking she does there can be counted. Other than that we’re going to be walking together. Rain or shine.
We want to raise a modest £100. More would be good but £100 first with the 100 miles in 100 days.

£5 provides 15 minutes of telephone signposting and information to people affected by a mental health issue
£10 is enough to buy ingredients for a healthy eating skills group
£25 is enough to hold a mental health carers support group
£50 supports a vulnerable volunteer to take the first steps back to work

So £100 can really help.

Jenny Ogg