So why are we undertaking our canal walk? Well, one of our managers decided to do a charity challenge and we wanted to get on board, but we also wanted to support a charity which was local to us in Edinburgh and so we chose Support in Mind Scotland.

When we initially started our fundraising at the beginning of 2020, none of us knew what was about to happen, what challenges that would bring and what effect those challenges would have on peoples' mental health and wellbeing, so our Canal Walk has become even more important. Of course we had to put it on hold, but here we are, a year and a half and couple of false starts due to lockdowns later, about to give it a go again on Monday 16 August 2021. They do say third time lucky!

We know some of you already donated last year, but if you haven't done, please donate if you possibly can. Every donation is much appreciated both by us and by Support in Mind Scotland.

IES Edinburgh