Improving care and treatment for people with schizophrenia and psychosis

In 2004 the Government and the NHS conducted a major survey into schizophrenia care and treatment in Scotland and this review made recommendations and set standards for health professionals.

One of those standards was to introduce Integrated Care Pathways for people who received this diagnosis so that they could receive quick and streamlined care.

A review in 2006 showed that these standards had not been achieved – and 10 years on from the first study, there has been no progress in implementing the recommendations from the 2004 review.
The actions we are taking:

  • Lobbying for targets to be set for the care and treatment of people diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychosis that match targets for those with major physical illness such as cancer or heart disease
  • Running the Scottish Schizophrenia Survey 2014 from October to December 2014 with a major report and recommendations produced in early 2015