Involvement and taking a rights-based approach

Support in Mind Scotland believes that people with mental health issues and their families, friends and supporters should control the decisions that are made that impact on their lives and should be involved in all levels of decision-making.

Under the Mental Health Act and the Adults with Incapacity Act there are circumstances under which such control is taken away and people have decisions made for them and/or are subject to decisions that they disagree with.  In these circumstances ensuring that all the safeguards are in place to protect people’s rights is critical and we work to ensure that people understand their rights and are aware of these safeguards.

The actions we are taking:
  • Working with partners to set up a National Mental Health Carers Forum that will give a national voice to all family members of those affected by serious mental health problems and mental illness
  • Developing our membership and evidence base – ensuring that everything we say and do is based on people’s direct lived experience