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Why should you have a will?

Whilst no-one wants to think about the end of their life most of us would like to make sure that our wishes are followed. The best way for this to happen is for you to have a will. Making a will is less complicated and expensive than you might think, and a good quality solicitor will charge £70-£300 depending on its complexity. It makes sure that your property, money and possessions, big or small, go where you want them to. It’s important for us all, young and old to have our affairs in order.

To make a will, we recommend taking independent financial advice and having your will drawn up by a recommended solicitor, you'll get the details of a reputable solicitor here.

Why should you think about leaving a legacy?

Once you have looked after your loved ones we would also like you to think of Support in Mind Scotland. A gift big or small in a legacy is hugely important to us as it allows us to continue our services to some of the most vulnerable in society both now and in the future.
A gift to Support in Mind Scotland can also be tax efficient, as any gift to charity is deducted before any inheritance tax.

What types of gifts can you leave?

  • Residuary gift- This is the remainder of your estate after items have been given to specified friends and family type of gift retains its value over a number of years as it is a percentage of your estate. 
  • Pecuniary gift- This is a fixed sum, however this will change with inflation.
  • Specific gift- This is where you name a item such as a painting or an antique which we would then sell and use to further our work.