The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate

Kindness - It starts with everyone one of us, learning to talk more about mental health and self-care, and how we can help each other and ourselves.

  • Kindness develops community and deepens connections
  • Kindness is a mind-set
  • Only if you are kind to yourself, can you be kind to others
  • Colour your world with kindness
  • Kindness is free and kindness strengthens relationships
  • Kindness is within our control – be determined to be kinder in all areas of our life
  • Kindness begins with me

My story

The diamond in my life – my rock, my mum

Christine Oliphant (maiden name),

Chris Lawley my mother

I moved from Brighton to Edinburgh mid March to be closer to my mum, who, in her 80’s, loves to dance, is an adventurer by nature, full of fun, a friendly outgoing chatterbox and is one of life’s social butterflies.

So, like us all, lockdown is taking its toll, being separated from those we love dearly. Mum recently lost her partner and moved home, two of life’s biggies. Now Lockdown!

So it is no wonder, I have noticed a change in her mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

I wondered, how can we, as a family, could support and connect with our mum to bring back her beautiful smile and zest for life. Other than daily face times, food shops left at the door and chats through a window, how could we shine a light of kindness in her window.

As a family, we are dotted all over the globe and so together, we came the idea to write the Oliphant – Lawley family story through mum’s eyes.

Mum has surprised us all by her energy and enthusiasm to put words to paper and share her story.

As I type up the first chapters at home, in lockdown, I discover humbling stories, and reminders of her life, being born during the war and only meeting her father for the first time when he returned from the war. She was six and curious who the strange man was living in her home!

Searching through boxes of old family photos – reminds us of the stories yet to tell. I scan them to my computer and set them as my Zoom visual background for family chats, what a laugh we have had reminiscing.

Mum is phoning family and friends weekly, spending hours discussing childhood memories and reconnecting.

It turns out she is a wonderful, articulate writer, funny, charming, humble and passionate.

My parents on their wedding day below

Mum at 18, and dad at 25.

Mum designed her dress and her mother, our nana, made it for her.

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly and most underrated agent of human change”

Bob Kerry