Some inspiring stories to bring you about our 100 Streets Challenge..

A group of 11 walkers, including two 16-year-olds and an 11-year-old braved torrential rain in AYR on Sunday to complete the challenge, walking 20.7km over 4.5 hours. One of the walkers Christine Breslin said: "We had a really good day and we had people stooping us to ask what we were doing. I hope we made a wee bit of a difference."

In KINROSS, 16 girls from the local Brownie unit, completed the 100 Streets Challenge by walking round 97 streets and 3 parks in the town. Nan Kennedy from the 1st Kinross Brownies, said: "The girls really entered into the spirit of the idea and are going to be busy over the holiday collecting
their sponsorship money."

In GLASGOW, friends Mariana Popa, Rareș Matei, Laura Cristea, scootered, cycled and roller-bladed their way round 100 streets and ended up - fittingly - in Hope Street. Mariana said: "I'm glad we got to be part of this campaign. Mental health services are so underfunded, so campaigns like this one are a great way of making people more aware of the current situation.

"This was my first time fundraising so I was quite moved to see so many of our friends supporting us, I'm glad we got to do such a great challenge for mental health."

In EDINBURGH, cyclists Sean Allan, Dave Tipping and Mark Lally have organised a cycle with a difference on 18th October. They are asking for people to sponsor them 1p a street, but for anyone who donates 10p a street (£10 total) they can nominate a street for the trio to incorporate into their route. "I think, at this rate, we might end up doing about 40 miles, climbing 3,500 feet and visiting 700 streets!" joked Sean.

The guys have already raised more than £500 and their fundraising page can be found at:…/sims100streetschallenge

And finally, in CALIFORNIA, our trans-Atlantic supporter Ruth Ramirez has been proudly wearing her 100 Streets Challenge T-shirt around the streets of Eureka. This picture below was taken at 2nd and G Streets in Eureka's Victorian Old Town.

The 100 Streets Challenge is open until at least 31 October. Call us on 0131 662 4359 or email us at: [email protected]

You can donate directly to the 100 Streets Challenge campaign at: