GOOD sport Gerry McGown came up with a razor-sharp idea to raise money for our 1 in 100 fundraising campaign - growing, then ditching his beloved beard for charity and holding a sponsored shave at Stewartry Resource Centre. 

Embracing the 1 in 100 theme, Project worker Gerry said: "This is the result when you take 1 beard and grow it for 100 days!"

"That's me clean shaven for the first time since 1983," added Gerry after emerging from behind his beard after Wednesday's grand chin unveiling at the Stewartry Resource Centre in Castle Douglas.

Here are the before, during and after pictures as Gerry bid bye-bye to the beard...

Gerry has already raised £50 in sponsorship money for the 1 in 100 campaign. Local supporters can still donate by calling into the Stewartry Resource Centre at 84B King Street (Tel: 01556 504 139) or by clicking the 1 in 100 donate link HERE

Congratulations to Gerry on his efforts, and we will let him have the final say. "I was going for the 'Manticore' look," he said.

Judge for yourselves...

As always, we're grateful to everyone who has taken part and supported the campaign. If you'd like to get involved yourself, click here, call 0131 662 4359 or email