We are pleased to let you know that Creative Breaks Fund for 2017 is now open to applications.

This year we are running the scheme over two rounds.  The amounts available are slightly less than in previous years and so we are hoping that carers will be encouraged by their support worker to choose an activity which is easily accessible and of longer term benefit.  Many carers in previous years have benefitted from smaller scale leisure interests such as a gym/swimming membership, a family gardening project, cinema-pass or joining sewing or singing clubs and we hope that more carers select similar which will in turn enable more carers to benefit from an award.  Various activities are suggested in the pack. 

Please note:

  • Full details are in the application pack and we ask that support workers read in detail the new and updated criteria to avoid disappointment, particularly under the FAQ’s Eligibility section .   
  • Please refer to the dates and timetable for the application process.  (We expect a high demand and are not able to alter the dates stated. )  

The panel will automatically reject any form which is incomplete  - i.e every section must be filled in. You will find the application form and all the other supporting documents below.