This summer we will be reaching out to young people and offering them a space to learn more about mental health and resilience with an all-new summer festival!

Feeling the Summer is a mental health virtual festival for young people (14-19 year olds) taking place between the 9th-13th of August and brought to you by Rethink Mental Illness and Mental Health UK. Young champions and experts have been at the heart of the planning for our festival – they have been responsible for advising on its content, platform and appeal to young people.

The festival aims to support young people’s mental health by providing a range of events such as workshop and live streamed panel discussions and Q&A sessions, it will support open conversation and engagement in mental health.

Our specific focus is on reaching groups that are often marginalised from ‘traditional’ mental health support such as young men, young people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds and LGBTQ+ young people.

Positioned during A-Level and GCSE results week, the interactive nature of the festival will provide support to young people at a time when they can face a lot of different emotions, and pressure to make decisions about their future. Young people will be given the opportunity to talk about their plans for the future, seek advice from other young people and professionals, and access resources and signposting if they want extra support.

It’s been a challenging year for parents and carers of young people, and they too would benefit from support in how best to talk to young people about their mental health. Based on our existing workshops for parents and carers, we will be running specific sessions on the best ways to approach these conversations, and what to do if further support is required. There will also be workshops focused on supporting those who work with young people such as teachers, youth workers and sports coaches.  

Take a look at the full list of talks and events, and sign up at -

Read the festival's Code of Conduct here.

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