Our project, the Gatehouse in Golspie, has been spreading positive mental health messages far and wide with their brightly coloured and inspirational ‘Pick-Me-Up Rocks’.

The idea is a simple but powerful one; our staff and users of our service in Golspie got to work on painting different messages on each rock, and have placed them in the area for others to find - and hopefully give them that little boost they might need.   

Senior Project Worker, Mandy, explained how the idea came about, “there was a secret project up here named love on the rocks, which brought about the idea of painting rocks and leaving them in hidden places so they are hidden treasures for who find them. Since that project lots of different villages have branded their own, and we thought we could use Support in Mind Scotland 1 in a 100 theme and do 100 positive rocks, to spread powerful quotes which ideally provide someone with a pick me up.”

Margaret from Helmsdale’s daughter with her rock that says “Once you have hope, anything is possible!”

Those who use the service have also found the rocks to be a great idea, as Mandy went on, “Our service users love painting them but equally it gets them going out and about to hide them, so there’s double the benefit!”

On the back of each rock is Support in Mind Scotland’s Facebook address, so that those who find the rocks can let us know about it on social media – and since the rocks were first distributed on World Mental Health Day last month, we’ve been thrilled by the number of responses that have come in.

One of the first to get in touch was Liz, whose two young sons Jamie and Charlie were delighted to find the rock – as their cheery smiles show!

The message reads “Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous!”

“It’s the first one we have seen. My kids loved it and were very excited. The message was lovely too.”

Kathleen wrote in to us to show off her “Success comes in ‘cans’, … not in ‘cant’s’” rock. The rock caught her eye while she was driving – so much so that she reversed so she could pick it up! “Great idea with great wee messages!”. However, Kathleen is being rather secretive about where the rock is now. “That would be telling!!!! 😉 … (it’s in the Isle of Lewis somewhere!)”

And Sarah from Northumberland wrote to us and said, “Me and my son were out for a walk when we came across the rock. He is only 7 and was absolutely thrilled to find it.”

“We read the message and I thought it was really positive. We think it’s a great idea. Finding the rocks could really brighten up someone’s day.”

“We brought the rock back to Northumberland and left it at a place called Northumberlandia which is a landmark near where we live 🙂”

Sarah is not the only one to have moved our rocks out of Scotland, in fact they have quickly travelled far and wide from their initial locations. This show of enthusiasm and initiative has been a lovely added bonus – and means that our rocks have even reached overseas!

Arianne & her mum Lesley came across the rock when they were having a walk through the grounds at Dunrobin Castle in Dornoch.  “It was brightly coloured so grabbed Arianne’s attention from the grass it was hiding in. Arianne was very pleased to find the rock as her home town have been doing the same thing over the past few months. We are so pleased with the charity that it is representing as this is something that has affected our family in recent years.  We think the rocks are a fab idea. They are a great interest for the kids and also great to raise awareness of your charity.

Arianne before placing her rock in Portugal

Arianne had the great idea of taking her rock on holiday, and she placed it by the pool in their hotel in Portugal before they returned home.

But of course, we called them Pick-Me-Up Rocks because that’s the main thing we want them to do – give you a little pick-me-up. And Hilary Jane liked hers so much, she took it home!

“It’s a great idea, and it brightened my day. Something as simple as a painted rock, cheap to produce and is a lovely surprise for the finder … it’s now on the shelf in my lounge!”.


Do you like this idea? Let us know what you think!

And please feel free to suggest any new messages for future rocks. You can use the hashtag #PickMeUpRocks.

If you find a rock, please let us know by sending us a message on Facebook, twitter, or you can email us at [email protected].

And you could always paint your own to place in your own area – you never know where it might end up or how many people it could cheer up.



The Gatehouse offers mental health support through 1-1 support, group activities, outings, information sessions and peer support.

More information on the Gatehouse and our other services across Scotland can be found here.