Earlier this year the Scottish Government published its 10-year Mental Health Strategy for Scotland. This Strategy is comprehensive and makes a commitment to changing lives in Scotland through an initial 40 actions across a range of key themes.

The Government’s Mental Health Minister, Maureen Watt, opens the Strategy with the following statement:

Our guiding ambition for mental health is simple but if realised will change and save lives that we must prevent and treat mental health problems with the same commitment, passion and drive as we do with physical health problems.”

 That means working to improve:

  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Access to treatment and joined up accessible services
  • The physical wellbeing of people with mental health problems
  • Rights, information use and planning

These are all essential actions that are also very important to us and the people we support.

Support in Mind Scotland views the Strategy and its 40 actions as starting points – it is something that should be further developed, added to and improved over its lifetime.

The Scottish Government has pledged to hold meetings twice a year for people with lived experience and people who work with and represent them. This gives an opportunity for all sides to report on how the Strategy is progressing and also to find out and press for priorities for the future. We are one of the organisations that will be involved in these twice yearly meetings.

We will use these meetings to challenge the Scottish Government to go further – including on areas where it is lacking, for example carers’ rights, and ensuring those with severe and enduring mental health problems are not left behind.

Following a brief first meeting in June, the next meeting is coming up on 6 December.  As you know, everything we do and say is based on the experience of our members and service users, so we need to find out from YOU what we should be saying at this first full meeting.

As the Strategy contains many actions, the Government has told us in advance what themes will be discussed in December – and these are listed overleaf.  However, as this is the first full meeting, it is difficult to say exactly what will be discussed.  Therefore, we have asked some questions about the relevant priorities that matter most to us to get us started.

As this progresses and we attend more meetings we will be able to be more specific about what will be discussed at each meeting.

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