SUPPORT in Mind Scotland's Lochaber Service has been re-launched at its new home in the Nevis Centre, Fort William, and the occasion was celebrated in poetry.

The new service has been christened Cothrom - the gaelic for equality - and staff and people who use the service have given their new base at An Aird a resounding thumbs up.

After making the move from the Glengarry Centre in High Street, Assistant manager Ellen Nicolson said: "It's been very positive to come here for both service users and staff. They feel uplifted. People are saying that when they come here it's like walking into a comfortable home. "

Ann Pike, a service user, said that the transition from the Glengarry Centre to Cothrom had been much easier than she expected. She said: "Everything fitted into place - it's a change for the better".

And Mark Stuart, another service user, wrote this poem about the move which was read out at the launch event.


This year we moved from Middle Street

It took a fortnight, not long to fleet

Along the other end of town

It feels good, Jewel in the Crown

Along the side, that is the way in

Door's not narrow, not too thin

Atmosphere's great - for the crowd

Overall the change is great

There's no worry, for the wait

We get help, loads of stuff

Lots of assistance, more than enough.

Support in Mind Scotland's Area Manager for the Highlands, Bruce Armstrong, said: "The launch event in Fort William went very well. It was attended by around 30 service users as well as colleagues from various local organisations.

"The new premises are now fully furnished and the staff have done a really impressive job of making it a very attractive space with a warm and relaxing atmosphere. When I was last there, in January, the rooms were empty and uncarpetted.

"The transformation into a  beautiful set of rooms is quite astonishing."

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