Frank Ross, the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, dropped by our Edinburgh service the Stafford Centre to have a look around and see what the centre has to offer. He then stayed for a chat on the centre's very own mental health radio station, Radio Stafford 103, where he talked about the importance of volunteering, the changing landscape of modern mental health and wellbeing, and an exciting new initiative called Thrive

The Lord Provost and DJ Host Mike

The Lord Provost also provided some of his favourite pieces of music to play (Toccata and Fugue by Bach, Strauss's Blue Danube and Beethoven's Symphony no. 5) and explained a little bit about why they were important to him. 

He then stayed for a coffee and a chat with some users of the Stafford Centre, and asked them if there was anything they'd like him to do going forward when speaking about mental health.

We'd like to say thank you again to the Lord Provost for his visit and showing such a keen interest in the work that we do. Please pop back down anytime for a cuppa and a chat! (and maybe more Bach!)

Listen to the whole interview here: