Links to recent news stories and bulletins from other mental health organisations across Scotland.

January 2018

A University of Glasgow study shows women suffer from depression more than men during the winter

Seasonal depression over the year is reported in the Herald's article  here indicating further study would be recommended.

Scottish charity wins international film award 

Filmed in Edinburgh, Penumbra's In Place has won an international film documentary award and deals with mental health issues - read more here


December 2017

Further visits from the MWCS

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland report on the latest hospital visits here

More young people are suffering from anxiety

The amount of youngsters contacting Childline to discuss anxiety issues has risen by 59% over the last two years.

Read the Third Force News article here.

Call for tripling of mental health budget for children and young people

The Scottish Children's Services Coalition has called for the Scottish Government to deliver a ‘Budget for Mental Health’ with an additional near £100 million investment a year in mental health services for children and young people, almost tripling the current budget.  Read more on the varying figures throughout Scotland here.

Peterhead FC tackling suicide and depression risks

The Scottish FA club is putting its players and officials through suicide prevention training in a project which it is hoped could be adopted by other teams around the country - read the article here

Scottish Government announce £95K mental health research involving young people

Young people will lead an in-depth, 15-month study into child and adolescent mental health services to recommend improvements to Ministers.  Read the full Scottish Government article here

Figures show over 45,000 students in Scotland sought counselling over last five years

The Independent reports on latest figures revealed this week - read more here.  For more information and link to NUS' 'Think Positive' click here

November 2017

UK Children with ADHD waiting the longest in Europe for diagnosis

 A report out this month reveals UK has longest waiting time for ADHD diagnosis - read more here

The Lancet publishes report on avatar focused trial

Confronting an avatar on a computer screen helped patients hearing voices to cope better with schizophrenic hallucinations, a UK trial has found - read the BBC article here and the full Lancet report here.

SEAN publishes annual report

The Scottish ECT Accreditation Network has produced its latest report - read more about the network here which will provide link to the report.

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland latest report on 6 hospital visits

The MWCS latest mental hospital reports can be read here

Taxi Watch: Suicide prevention drive that saved 200 lives

Taxi drivers in Eire and Northern Ireland have set up Taxi Watch schemes with an aim to prevent suicides.  Read the background and developments here

Increase in eating disorder hospital patients in Scotland

NHS hospital figures in Scotland indicate a marked increase of eating disorder admission in the last ten years  - read more detail in the Herald article here

New report indicates how the inequality gap affects the mental health of primary school children

A Scottish Government funded study by a number of Scottish universities shows that the first three years of primary school sees a dramatic inequality gap open up when the mental health difficulties experienced by the poorest Scottish children are compared with the richest. Read the article here and links to publication.

The  Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland welcomes more public discussion around mental illness

The MWCS welcomed the openness of public figures in speaking about depression and anxiety - read their website report here

October 2017

MWCS report on increase in guardianship orders

New figures published today by the Mental Welfare Commission show a rise of 12.5% in existing guardianship orders in Scotland, to 12,082 at March 2017 - read more detail here

MWCS latest visit reports

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland publishes the latest hospital reports on its website

Study on Borderline Personality Disorder by MWCS

During October and November the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland would like to hear from anyone over 18 who has any related experience in exploring issues which will assist in producing a report 2018.  All contributions would remain anonymous. Please find more here

MWCS report indicates drop in young people's treatment on non-specialist wards

A report published today shows a significant drop in the number of young people with mental illness being treated in non-specialist wards in Scotland for 2016-17, in a similar pattern to the previous year. Read more on this link.

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland publish new treatment figures

New figures published today by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland show an 8.2% increase in compulsory treatment for mental health in 2016/17 compared to the previous year.  Read more in the MWCS article.

Research recommends mental health training for all Scottish schools staff

SAMH have conducted research into the benefits of having all teachers trained in providing mental health support for pupils. Read the TES article here.

Putting counsellors in every secondary school would save millions in health costs

The Scottish Children's Services Coalition recommend that a mental health counsellor be placed in every Scottish secondary school to help alleviate waiting times for CAMHS - read more

September 2017

Community Pharmacy Scotland and the government's Mental Health Strategy 

Health and social care providers across the country have been reflecting upon how their services meet the needs of those with mental health conditions. Read the Scotsman article

Mental health problems common cause of teacher absences

TES Scotland has revealed that mental health problems are causing teacher absences to rise across Scotland - read the TES article here .

Mental Health Foundation Scotland launch campaign this month

A 12-point action plan on fostering good mental health with a view to tackling Scotland's rising suicide rate was launched earlier this month - read more.

New Young Carers grant announced 

The Scottish Government announce a new package of support for young carers, worth £300 per year. Read more here.

Schizophrenia is still misunderstood

Rethink's new campaign states that it is important that we all understand what schizophrenia is and isn’t, and start to change attitudes.  Read about the campaign here and learn more.

A new UK report highlights rise in student mental health issues

A BBC report summarises data and statistics showing marked increase in student mental health issues - further links to the IPPR study and new framework can be found here.

August 2017

More counselling services for young people needed in Scotland

More than 250,000 children in Scotland have no access to school-based counselling services, a BBC investigation has discovered.

Latest Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland report

The MWCS publishes its first report on medium and low security forensic wards with concerns over human rights. Read more detail here.

New reports comments on change needed to improve Self Directed Support

The Audit Scotland review found "no evidence" of the radical change needed to fully implement a 10-year strategy for self-directed support (SDS) - read report here.

NHS research into new mobile app to combat paranoia

People with paranoia will be asked to try a new NHS mobile app to try and slow down their negative thoughts as part of a research trial set to begin in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. More detail here

Signficant increase in use of anti-depressants in young people

BBC Scotland reports on prescribed anti-depressants to under 18s - read more here

Latest visit reports from Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland 

The MWCS has visited a further six hospitals - read more here

NHS Highland mental health care hospital restricts admissions

A mental health care hospital in Inverness has temporarily restricted admissions because of staff shortages - read the BBC Scotland article 

Guidance on recent changes to Mental Health Act

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland has produced a list highlighting the changes made in June 2017 to the Mental Health Act and links to guidance can be found here

Mental health patients in Scotland await overdue discharge from wards

A UK report includes news of patients in Scottish Mental Hospitals experiencing long delays in being discharged. Read the BBC report and links to relevant sites here

Suicide statistics show narrowing of inequality gap

The difference in the rates of suicides in the most and least deprived areas has decreased. The report by the Scottish Public Health Observatory indicates other figures over recent years and details can be read here

July 2017

Pupils with mental health problems face 'postcode lottery' in accessing support

14 of Scotland's 32 councils said they did not employ the key workers supposed to link children to mental health services. Read the Herald article here.

Scottish Prisons to be smoke-free by November 2018

The Scottish Prison Service has announced it plans to make Scottish prisons smoke-free by November 2018 - read the NHS article here

New visit reports from Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

The MWCS reports further on hospital standards - read the details here

New report on homelessness and mental health from Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

A report from MWCS on homelessness and mental health indicates needs are only partly being met - read the article and report here.

Mental health patients face treatment 200 miles away

The Herald reports on the top psychiatrist calling for better information for mental health patients - read more details here

June 2017

Calls to the Samaritans calls increase significantly

A record number of people contacted the Samaritans seeking help last year, the charity has revealed. Read more here

News of Mental Health Rural Forum

The Scotsman reports further on the special forum, supported by 30 major organisations and the Scottish Government, which looks at mental health issues in isolated areas in Scotland and aims to increase awareness at this month's Royal Highland Show at Ingliston.

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland visits a further 14 hospitals

A report from the MWCS published today,  lists details of local hospital visits including the State Hospital.

Concern expressed by mental health charity over mental health services for young people

Rejections for specialist treatment by mental health services for young people is highlighted in this article.

May 2017

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland recommends changes to mental health law

A new report published today by the MWCS and Edinburgh's Napier University calls for long term reform programme to Scotland's mental health and incapacity legislation.

How the right food can improve your mental health

Various studies have indicated that eating the right food can help mental health - read this article which links to a recent relevant Australian study and Lancet journal report from 2015.

The Mental Welfare Commission Scotland launches 'Rights in Mind'

The MWCS has just launched a guide for ensuring mental health patients have their human rights respected at key points in their treatment.

April 2017

Argyll & Bute report on innovative partnership

A new project involving carer involvement in mental health services, along with practitioners, is reported in an article which you can read here

The Mental Welfare Commission Scotland visits 6 more hospitals

Read the latest reports from the MWCS using this map and other recent information regarding hospital visits here 

Online psychiatric assessments trial by Scottish University

The University of Aberdeen trial indicates high success rate in diagnostic psychiatric assessment - read more here

Government Mental Health Strategy announced

Please see our article on Support in Mind Scotland's homepage for more details.

March 2017

Scottish Government to review Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services referrals

An audit is to be held on the number of rejected referrals to CAMHS in order to look at young people affected and other implications - read more in The Scotsman article

Mental Welfare Commission Scotland Report on further hospital visits

The MWCS have visited eight further hospitals throughout Scotland and links to individual reports on these can be found via this link

Leading Scottish Children's Charity highlight mental health crisis amongst children

Barnardo's charity warns Scottish Government of its concerns over mental health issues in young people - read more

Scottish Charity creates programme to stop bullying

Inverness-based Mikey's Mates Training Programme is to be rolled out in the Scottish Highlands - read more, and for further links, look here and here

A Dumfriesshire school introduces pupil led classes on mental health

Senior pupils at Castle Douglas High school are encouraging mental health awareness amongst all students. Read more

Concern expressed over mental health waiting time in Lothian

The Scottish Children's Services Coalition calls for improvement to young persons' mental health services - read more here


February 2017

Pilot study looks at young people's stress levels

An NHS study in a Glasgow school looks at stress and ways of coping - read more here

Mental Health of young carers highlighted in study

Research carried out on behalf of the Carers' Trust, Children's Commissioner for Scotland and Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance indicates mental health problems in young carers including stress and sleep disorders -  read more and access further links.

Scottish Schools lacking mental health provision

The Scottish Children's Services Coalition express concern over support for children's mental health - read more and other links here.

Putting up with hearing loss can lead to anxiety and depression

Evidence shows that untreated hearing loss is linked to mental health problems including dementia, depression and anxiety - read the article

A Glasgow scheme aims to help people in crisis avoid homelessness

A scheme which helps people before they reach a crisis has helped cut homeless applications in Glasgow, according to a report - read more here.

Figures showing marked increase in young people's calls to Childline cause concern

The need for improved mental health provision in schools is being highlighted to help deal with increase in mental health support calls to the national charity - read the article

January 2017

Network of mental health specialists to help new mothers

The Managed Clinical Network is to be launched this month with its focus on ensuring consistent care for expectant and new mothers in regard to their mental health. Read more

Expert warns of mental health problems experienced by off-shore workers

A senior lecturer at Robert Gordon University has backed a new campaign to encourage the oil and gas industry to focus on the mental health and well-being of its employees - read the Herald article here

Age Scotland research reveals sad reality

A recent research report has shown that older people are so lonely in Scotland they are going to the supermarket just for company. Read the Third Force News article.

Third Force News report on serious mental health issues in the elderly

Older people are struggling with mental illness because they don't want to offload problems on to others - read the article here

Mental health issues significant part of Police Scotland call-outs

The Assistant Chief Constable of Police Scotland said many of the non-criminal call-outs involved missing people, mental health incidents or sudden deaths.  Read more here.

Mental Welfare Commission Scotland issues new reports

The MWCS has issued eleven new visit reports on hospitals in Scotland - read the latest report on their website.

New research indicates how many Scots are affected by Mental Health issues

Almost 30% of Scots say they have had mental health problems - read more here and news of See Me's campaign.

University of Edinburgh reveals new research

A study by the University of Edinburgh looks into the link between a certain type of depression and schizophrenia.  Read the article here whilst more detailed results are published in the Translational Psychiatry publication .

December 2016

Local Glasgow support group tackle loneliness

The Scottish government is to commit to developing a National Strategy on Social Isolation which prompts a local Glasgow group to initiate a regular support meeting.  Read more

Extra money to be invested in new mental health work settings

The Scottish Government will spend £10M over the next 2 years to improve mental health support via early intervention - read more.

A new 8 week scheme in Aberdeen

Mental Health Aberdeen has just started a pilot scheme in Aberdeen which offers mental health support - read more.

Study of link between the immune system and psychosis

A study funded by the Medical Research Council and reported in The Lancet looks into the link between antibodies and psychosis - read more here.

The effect of social isolation impacts on health

Loneliness has major implications for mental health - read the article here

November 2016

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland 2015/2106 Report

The latest annual report from MWCS has been launched today - 17th November - highlighting the work done over the past year to protect and promote the human rights of people with mental illness, learning disabilities, dementia and related conditions. Read more here

Mental health assessment 'needed for children in care'

Children and young people who go into care should have their mental health assessed so they can be helped to recover from childhood trauma and abuse, ministers are being urged - read more here.


A new app helps young people deal with mental health issues

A new smartphone app - Mikey'sline - designed to help young people who are dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts has been launched in Inverness.  Read more.

Canadian charity provides business funding opportunities for people with mental health issues

Backed by a mixture of private and public money, Rise offers loans to people with mental health or addiction problems, to help them set up their own businesses - read more about the benefits of this Canadian project here

A Scottish Universities study states the mental health benefits of joining the Scouts and Girlguides

People who were in the scouts or guides in childhood have better mental health in later life, a study suggests. Read the article and further references here.

Mental health training of GPs highlighted in Wales

Welsh mental health organisation highlights mental health training needs by GPs and health professionals - read more here.

The Mental Welfare Commision for Scotland publishes new guide

The MWCS has published a new guide on Supported Decision Making.  Read the full guide here.

October 2016

Dance company explores how dance can affect mental health

A Manchester based company has looked into the benefits of dance in exploring mental health problems - read more about the work too with youth groups and schools here .

Shortage of psychiatrists hits Tayside

One in five vacancies for psychiatrists are located in Tayside.   Read more about this and how other parts of Scotland are affected here.

Concern expressed over elderly people with mental health issues

Researchers warn that older people with mental health problems are becoming isolated because they are unable to depend on family. Read the full article here.

Police in England threaten legal action over lack of mental health beds

A Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall Police force has vowed to stop "unlawfully" holding people with a mental illness in police cells because the NHS has no beds for them.  Read more here.

Report indicates that suicide risk is 'higher in the community'

A University of Manchester report has indicated that suicides of people being cared for in the community are higher than among hospital inpatients.

New study report examines genetic links to schizophrenia

Scientists at Aberdeen University have discovered new evidence strengthening the link between a previously misunderstood gene and major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and autism. The university article can be read here .

Mental Health prescriptions peak in Scotland

Prescriptions for mental health drugs such as antidepressants and antipsychotics have hit a ten-year high amid concerns over soaring demand for services.  Read more here.

X-Factor winner speaks about his mental health issues

James Arthur explains how anxiety affects his daily life, in a BBC article.

Actor/musician seeks medical help for his depression

Kid Cudi shares his mental health issues on his Facebook page - read more here.

Police Scotland release mental-health absence figures

Police Scotland officers and staff suffering psychological problems took nearly 200,000 sick days over the last three years, new figures show. Read the article here.

Charities speak about the Scottish Government's Mental Health Strategy

Third sector organisations are in danger of being ignored under the Scottish Government’s new mental health strategy, a charity has warned - read the Third Force News here.
Funding for English mental health charities to challenge stigma
A campaign that aims to tackle the stigma around mental health has been given £20m in funding from the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund - read more here.

September 2016

Petition for change in NHS services

A recent petition submitted to the Scottish Parliament outlines the need for changes in the NHS regarding the accountability of the processes for those under Suspension of Detention.  This link will take you to the petition with an opportunity to give support.

Compulsory treatment linked to human rights issues

The Mental Welfare Commision for Scotland has reported on the increase in compulsory treatment orders for people with mental ill-health, in relation to human rights issues.  Read the report here in conjunction with Scottish Government Guide here.

English Health Watchdog develops app for teenagers

Healthwatch Wokingham has developed 'Appyness' for teenagers wishing to monitor their mental health.  Read more about it here, with due consideration to its relevance in Scotland.

Mental health support needed for students

A recent UK report has identified the need for a growth in support services for students to enable them cope with mental health issues.  Read the BBC article here.

Young women and mental health

A Scottish Health Survey reveals that young women aged 16-24 years have poorer mental health than other age groups in Scotland. Read more about these and other results here.

Missed targets in Children's and Young People's mental health indicate crisis

A Scottish charity coalition states that the mental health of children and young people is being seriously affected by the inaction of the  Scottish Government and the NHS. The Third Force News article containing more details can be read here.

How Social Media can reveal mental health issues

More studies have now shown the link between the use of social media and depression.  Read the latest on the recent Harvard study here, whilst the See Me Campaign #myunfilteredlife campaign looks into this issue.

Dealing with homelessness and mental illness

A BBC report on how an East London ground-breaking project is looking into helping homeless people affected by mental illness can be read here, with due consideration to its relevance to Scotland.

August 2016

Mental Health at University

See Me and the University of Strathclyde look into mental health support for students via a survey.  Read more here

The Scottish Government's vision for Mental Health services

The 'Easy Read' version of the Mental Health Strategy paper can be read here

The Mental Welfare Commission Scotland

Six new reports by the MWCS on NHS hospital wards can be accessed via this link.

July 2016

Scottish University conducts summer study on mental health and citizenship

The University of Strathclyde is holding a pilot research study between July and September to find out how mental health issues affect people's feelings of citizenship.  Please contact Eilidh Moir on 0772 895366 or [email protected] if you wish to take part or just find out more.

The Mental Welfare Commission Scotland produces visit report on perinatal mental health care

'Keeping mothers and babies in mind' is the new visiting and monitoring report by the MWCS on the specialist area of perinatal mental health care in Scotland.

You can access the report here

University identifies areas of the brain that affect mental health

The University of Cambridge's department of psychiatry has discovered the link between teenage brain development and mental illness. Read more here

Further report by the Mental Welfare Commission Scotland on NHS hospital wards

Newly released report on six more NHS hospital wards and units for those with mental ill health or dementia can be read here

Adolescent mental health issues reach crisis point reports Scottish Youth Parliament

The Scottish Youth Parliament's report, based on a survey conducted by researchers who spoke to over 1000 people aged 12 - 25, provides information and recommendations on what should be done to meet young people's needs -  read the Third Force News article covering main points in the report here

The full report, Our Generations's Epidemic, can be read here.

Redesign of mental health services in Aberdeen

CEO of Mental Health Aberdeen says exisiting services would need to increase, with less funding - read more here

Concern over number of suicides in hospital

The number of suicides within a new Glasgow hospital raises concern over health and safety measures - see article here

A new report on vulnerable children and mental health

A children's mental health charity releases report on services' handling of traumatised children and the effect into adulthood. Read more about Beyond Adversity here

Concern is expressed over the drop in number of educational psychologists in Scotland

The Scottish Government has revealed that the number of education psychologists in Scotland has fallen by 10% in the last 3 years. Read more here

The British Journal of Family medicine provides latest figure

The latest figure for 2015 for anti-depressant prescriptions are provided by the BJFM here

Schizophrenia is topic of award-winning story

The recent Caine award goes to a South African writer whose story centres on a family's experience of schizophrenia in rural location. Read more

June 2016

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland publishes reports on NHS wards

The MWCS has published reports on mental health, learning disablity and dementia in 10 NHS wards - the reports on the hospitals affected can be read here

Scotland's Minister for Mental Health voices concern over waiting times for children

Maureen Watt, Minister for Mental health, has spoken out about mental health service waiting times for children.  Read more about her concerns here

UK Scientists' new findings on prescriptions for depression

UK researchers have developed a blood test to help doctors select the best drug for patients with depression.  Read more about it here

News from the British Journal of Family Medicine

The EC gives approval for schizophrenic drug treatment – read the BJFM article here

May 2016

NUS produces report on mental health

The National Union of Students produce a publication concerned with support for students around mental health issues - read it here

The Mental Welfare Commission Scotland -  new consultation

The MWCS reviews learning disability and autism in a scoping consultation - more detail here

The Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland launches report

The MWCS has published a report on NHS wards across  Scotland - read more detail here

The Scottish Government appoints Minister of Mental Health

A dedicated Minister for Mental Health has been appointed - more details here.

Carers' Trust Scotland supports specific Carer groups

As Carers Week approaches news of the Carers' Trust Scotland's support of Student carers is focused on here, with research into LGBT carers recently launched - read more here .

Why Mental Health Matters to Scotland's Future

The Scottish Mental Health Partnership, which includes Support in Mind Scotland, believes it is time for a significant shift in Scotland's approach to mental health.  Read about the report here.

Advance Statements

The Mental Welfare Commission Scotland now provides information, films and material on Advance Statements – you can access these here.

Training opportunities

News of an upcoming conference in May along with other training opportunities for professionals working with children and young people can be found HERE.

More news concerning young people's mental health

News of an upcoming conference in May along with other training opportunities for professionals working with children and young people can be found HERE

April 2016

The mental health of Scotland’s young people is on the agenda  -

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition (SCSC) stresses the need to make taking control of children’s mental health problems a key priority. Click HERE

And concerns grows over mental health of pupils in Scotland HERE

Some interesting studies and opportunity for research -

The Royal Edinburgh Hospital is seeking participants in the Lothians for a small pilot study looking at increasing physical activity of people with schizophrenia.   For more information contact Lily McNamee or call 0131 537 6522 and read more about it HERE

A funding opportunity for PhD Students  - The University of Strathclyde are funding PHD students to work on health policy on mental health, poverty-impacted families in collaboration with Yale and New York University. Please visit Strathclyde’s website for more details by clicking HERE

And upcoming events in Glasgow in April include the Mental Health Film Festival - Dust of Every Day Life event - Glasgow, Wednesday 20 April 2016 -

National Conference 'Caring for all our Carers', 28 April, Glasgow. Details HERE

Mental health and human rights are addressed in a landmark document on the rights of  people affected by mental health issues in Scotland. Click HERE for more details.

March/April 2016

  • Advanced statement: The Mental Welfare Commission is encouraging all people in Scotland who have received hospital treatment for mental health problems, to have their say on their future treatment, should they become mentally unwell in the future. Read about it and watch some of their videos HERE

  • The Mental Welfare Commission has published the six priorities it is asking the government to include in Scotland's next mental health strategy. Read more HERE

  • Shona Robison MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport launched the findings and report from the Healthier Scotland national conversation.  Over 9,000 people took part in the process. Read more HERE

  • Early deaths and Mental Ill Health - Scotland must overcome culture of fatalism. Read more HERE

  • Creating a Healthier Scotland full report. Read more HERE

  • ‘My Views, My Treatment’ - New mental health campaign to promote patient power across Scotland. Read more HERE


  • Students call for mental health issues to be a key election policy. Read more HERE and HERE 

  • Mental Health Commission visits over 100 wards and units a year for people with mental ill health, learning disability and dementia. A quarter of those visits are unannounced. Read more HERE