Blog by SiMS for Students Volunteer Project members.

Going to University or College is a big change which can entail a lot of mixed emotions. You could feel excited and nervous, relieved to finally be away from school yet sad to be leaving friends and family, all at the same time. Becoming a student can be a great thing, with lots of new and interesting opportunities,  but it also has challenges which may affect your mental well-being. That’s why we’ve put together these five tips for freshers to help you maintain a positive mental well-being!

University Student Bedroom Ideas

1. Decorate your room with things from home!

Let’s be honest, even the nicest halls rooms can be a bit bland and boring. You want to have a space where you feel comfortable and that you can come back to after stressful days in the library or late nights with your friends. Bringing photos from home and your own bedding might not sound like much but can go a long way in creating a space that’s just right for you!

heart-shaped bowl with strawberries

2. Look after your body

Taking care of your physical health can have a hugely positive impact on your mental well-being. There will probably be lots of opportunities to go out and have a good time, which should be enjoyed (especially after the last 18 months)! But remember to take it easy sometimes, it’s important to get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals (yes, including vegetables), and if you’re drinking alcohol remember to drink in moderation and have lots of water. 

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3. Remember to take time for yourself

Freshers week and starting a new course can be a little overwhelming… you’ll meet lots of new people, have new classes to get used to, and maybe a new place to find your way around. If you start to feel overwhelmed it is important to take time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Maybe you could go for a walk, play your favourite sport, listen to some music, or just get cozy and watch some Netflix.  

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4. Make a to-do list with small goals

When starting your new courses you might feel inundated with readings and deadlines across the semester, and if you're struggling with your mental well-being it can become all the more difficult to get these things done. It might help to write achievable and realistic to-do lists, no matter how small the task might seem (for example, taking some time to get used to your new e-learning site or writing a paragraph of your essay). Each task you tick off helps you keep moving along the way!

5. Contact the Support in Mind information team for more help

If you feel you need help with your mental health you can contact Support In Mind Scotland Information Line by phone 0300 3231545 or email [email protected]. Here they will be able to talk through what you are experiencing and point you in the direction of resources to help you.