At the turn of the year, Support in Mind Scotland carried out a survey of our members’ views relating to the upcoming UK General Election. The survey covered areas such as welfare, the economy and the health service.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do – so, with an election coming up, we wanted to know what matters most to our members.

We received a great response rate – so a special thanks to all who participated.

Unsurprisingly, health is the most important area for our members, closely followed by welfare.

We produced a short document – our mini-manifesto for change for people with lived experience of mental illness – which summarises some of the key conclusions of this piece of research.

The manifesto can be viewed here.

It is important to note that our members have various different beliefs, and Support in Mind Scotland does not have a political view; however, this manifesto summarises some important conclusions related to the upcoming UK General Election. Based on these views and evidence from other national mental health organisations, we settled on six key recommendations:

  1. Positive change to the welfare system

  2. Halt the roll-out of Personal Independence Payments in Scotland

  3. A fairer economy, including more measures to tackle fuel poverty

  4. More powers for the Scottish Parliament – and more accessible information about this, following the work of the Smith Commission

  5. More jobs and opportunities for people with lived experience of mental health problems, including more effort to stamp out discrimination

  6. Support Mind's campaign to increase mental health spending in NHS England

We have sent a copy of our mini-manifesto to all our members, MSPs and prospective MPs.

This is a document which calls for change – an agenda that will hopefully influence the decisions of the next UK Government and help build a fairer, more equal society in which the views and issues of people with lived experience of mental health issues and their carers, relatives and supporters are truly taken on board.