CARERS of young people experiencing mental health conditions, who are currently in secure units far from their families, are being sought to join a new support and campaign group.

The group will work to improve mental health care for children and young people, by ensuring they can be treated in Scotland, near their families.

Currently some young people are receiving care in England, as the appropriate facilities are not available in Scotland. This causes considerable stress for the young person, and family members.

The support group, which will be made up of carers whose loved ones have been placed out of area, will initially talk about their experiences and how the distance affects them financially, emotionally and physically.

It will then work together to try and achieve two long term aims:

  1. Investigate obtaining funding from charitable sources to assist out of area carers meet the cost of travelling to visit loved ones.
  2. Policy Change; Pressurise the Scottish Government to build a secure therapeutic unit for children under 16 years in Scotland.

We are looking for people to join the group who are: 

  1.  Out of area carers ( forensic or generic)
  2.  Cared for person in secure unit
  3.  Cared for person a young person?
  4.  Cared for person experiencing mental illness excluding dementia and autism.

If you have had these experiences and would like to be part of a group pushing for positive change, please contact [email protected]