In late September to October this year, the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland are keen to meet people who have been taken to a place of safety by the police.

Place of safety orders are used by the police when they find someone in a public place who they believe may have a mental disorder/illness and be in need of care and treatment. They can take someone against their will to a place to be assessed and if necessary they may be detained.

This would be in a designated place of safety which is often a hospital but has, as a last resort, sometimes been a police station.

The Commission are keen to find out peoples’ experience of this. Hearing about the things people have been through in these situations could really help in making experiences better for people in the future.

If you have been taken to a place of safety in the last year or so or think that you have, please contact Graham Morgan at the Commission at [email protected] or text 07710712783 and leave a message. Graham would be delighted to speak with you and hopefully meet with you. He can travel to meet you if that is necessary.