We were thrilled when Mark Mcghee got in touch to tell us he had picked us to be one of ten charities that would benefit from his fantastic new charity single, Time2Talk.

All about tackling the topic of suicide and helping people to realise there is hope, the single was officially released on 21st September and will cost you only £1 to buy. All proceeds will be split evenly amongst a group of 10 charities, which comprises of SiMS, Thistle, C9 Foundation, You Are My Sunshine - YAMS, Andys Man Club Perth, WHY; The Graham Fraser Foundation and SAMH Samaritans Mental Health Aberdeen.

Mark, from Perthshire, has big ambitions for his single, and hopes that it will reach no. 1 in the UK by World Mental Health Day on 10 October.

"Our target audience [of the 10 charities] sharing is 1 million. If 1% choose to buy this it will raise 10k and make it into the charts. If we manage 10% of our target audience we raise 100k and go near the top!"

"Once it’s in the charts it’s guaranteed radio AirPlay then it is possible to make more money from the licence than from the sale of the song. The more we promote it the better it will do, its that simple."

With no previous experience in the music industry, Mark has made his vision a reality all through his own research and determination, obtaining a film production company, musicians, singer and even the aid of Paolo Nutini’s former manager, Brendan Moon of Morse Code music studios. He also got the chance to work with Liam McCluskey who helped to produce the song. The vocals are provided by Calum Frame, who is an up and coming singer that has shared the stage with Scottish singer-songwriter Gerry Cinnamon, and on the drums is Jamie Keenan, who plays in the band Lafontaines.

Mark's success in creating the single in of itself is inspiring, and his efforts truly ring true the old saying, "if you don't ask, you don't get"!

“I could really fill a book with everything that I didn’t manage to achieve, cause I went as far as phoning a gym in Marbella, where Tyson Fury was, to see if he would become an ambassador.

“I didn’t get him of course, but the journey ended up with me getting to speak to Brendon Moon"

Mark has suffered from mental health issues of his own for several years and spoke candidly about his own struggles when he was on air with our radio station Radio Stafford 103, ending his interview with the poignant message, "If you suffer [from mental health issues], go and get help - it's time to talk". 

You can listen to the full interview here: 

After his kind words, Mark let Radio Stafford have the first official broadcast of the song before it's release, which is now available to buy today. 

If you would like to help support Time2Talk, please purchase the single by clicking here.

(Also available on Amazon Music, Google Play store, Spotify & other devices - search Time2Talk)