Support in Mind Scotland and Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre have added a very cute tinge of tartan to Mental Health Awareness Week - thanks to April the sheep and her lamb Ewan.

April, a five-year-old ewe who is one of the favourite residents at Auchingarrich in Perthshire, was given a colourful makeover to mark 

Mental Health Awareness Week (May 13-19), when her fleece was painted in Support in Mind Scotland's green and blue tartan.

April's lamb Ewan - aged three weeks - also got in the act, appearing at her side for the 'modelling shoot', and adopting a blue hue from nuzzling alongside his mum.

We are grateful to Maxine Scott at Auchingarrich for supporting our charity and MHAW in this way.

We should point out that no sheep were harmed in the making of this exercise!

Auchingarrich has become famous for it's tartan sheep, and Maxine has even pranked a few overseas visitors into thinking that her Scottish sheep naturally produce their tartan wool.

And of course, thank you to April & Ewan!