THE Stafford Centre hosted an open day yesterday to celebrate World Mental Health Awareness Week, and also to give people the chance to see what the centre does, how it helps those suffering with mental illness and potentially sign up as members. A steady stream of people came to the event, held between 12noon and 3:30pm and were warmly welcomed by staff and existing members alike. As well as the opportunity to speak with Stafford regulars and get a feel for the place, paintings by the centre's members - made in the centre's art group - were exhibited throughout the building.

In addition, there were showings upstairs of a short film made of Stafford Centre members and their volunteering trip to Belarus, where they helped build a centre for underprivileged children. You can watch the Belarus video here.

One attendee yesterday was Joanna McCulloch of nearby Leith Walk, who commented, "I certainly felt very welcome when I came in. Having looked around, it seems to do great work with people in a really creative and positive way." 

If you were unable to attend the open day and would be interested in going along in the future, the details are:

The Stafford Centre
103 Broughton Street

Phone: 0131 557 0718