For National Volunteers Week 'Support in Mind Scotland for Students' volunteers met for a chat about why volunteering is a positive experience for students. Here are some of their thoughts!

  • Volunteering brings people together!
    Caroline: 'I believe there are many benefits like meeting new, like minded people committed to similar journeys... In particular, I believe students benefit from volunteering during these times, as most of us have had to work remotely (like most of the population) presenting its own challenges, including the lack of university social interaction that may come from the usual social university lifestyle.' 

  • Volunteering brings a positive balance to student life and a different perspective.
    Georgia: 'I felt like it was a nice way to break up studying... to think about something else and making a difference.. so studying was not the be all and end all' 

    Harry: 'It gives a different point of focus, seeing different viewpoints through other people's lenses' 

  • Volunteering helps you gain experience
    Harry: 'Volunteering can help you develop in new ways' 

    Georgia: 'I have been able to talk about my volunteering in interviews. Volunteering can show good time management too if you're able to volunteer alongside studies' 

  • It feels good to help others
    Caroline: 'There is a satisfaction in helping people as opposed to just pursuing your own agenda' (Harry)
    'Volunteering can be a humbling experience and can fill students with a sense of achievement and fulfilment when helping make a difference to a chosen cause.' 
    Georgia: 'As a student you can be looking at something so specific and refined. It can be nice to do something practical and feel you are making a difference.' 
If you are interested in finding out more about SiMS for students have a look at how to get involved on the volunteer page of our website!