Support in Scotland is proud to be one of five Scottish charities awarded The Lasting Difference® Symbol in recognition of their commitment to organisational sustainability.

This new symbol allows organisations to demonstrate they are committed to taking action on organisational sustainability and working to best practice in the field.  

SiMS, along with Bobath Scotland, Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland, Dyslexia Scotland and Victim Support Scotland have all used ideas and resources from the Lasting Difference toolkit in creative and exciting ways to support their sustainability and impact. In recognition of this commitment they are among the first organisations to be awarded The Lasting Difference® Symbol.   

The Lasting Difference is a consultancy working with non-profits which recognises that sustainability is a key concern for the sector, and those who fund, support and benefit from their services.

The Lasting Difference toolkit was developed and launched in 2016 to help organisations explore, plan and take action on different aspects of organisational sustainability. With over 5,000 copies now in circulation, it is clear this is an issue that those working in the sector are keen to address.

Frances Simpson, Chief Executive of Support in Mind Scotland said: “Being involved in developing The Lasting Difference changed how I understood sustainability and removed the mystery that surrounded this ‘holy grail’ of funding services in a climate of austerity. I learned that sustainability is achievable and that it is not just about funding, but about quality, change and development."