A GROUP from Support in Mind Scotland's Nursery Place Resource Centre in Annan have had some of their fond memories of sweets published in a booklet of 'Undiscovered Treasures' by local writer Vivien Jones.

Vivien, above, took the group on a trip down memory lane and encouraged them to think back to some of their favourite treats from the past. The group attended a presentation at Annan Museum and were each presented with a copy of the published booklets, which contain their memories.

Below is a selection of their memories...

Ian: Wee Mrs Hamilton’s Sweet Shop


I caught the school bus from Eastriggs to Annan. I would get off the bus at the corner of Bank Street and Ednam Street because there was a sweet shop. I bought Black Jacks there. They made my tongue and teeth black which made me laugh. The shop keeper was a wee dainty lady, very thin, called Mrs Hamilton, who was friendly. She owned the shop and we were very shocked to hear that she had been murdered for the takings.

Peter: Spangles in the Life-Raft

I spent part of my working life in the Royal Navy. In the 1970s I was a Bo’sun Yeoman on the frigate HMS Leopard, based in Portsmouth. One of my duties was to check and supply the Naval Inflatable Liferafts (NIL). Part of the kit for the liferaft was a packet of Spangles, which were there in case a long period in the sea and salt caused the lips of sailors to dry and become parched.

Brian: The Sweet Section at Clarencefield

My father drove a delivery van for a grocery in Dunscore, the kind of shop that sold everything. The owner wanted to open a shop in Clarencefield and he asked my father if he would be the manager there. So we moved to Clarencefield for several years and ran the shop which had a large sweetie counter.