Staff and service users of Support in Mind Scotland projects in Dumfries were saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Andy McKay, affectionately known as 'Big Andy'.

Andy was someone who accessed both Kaleidoscope resource centre and the Life Skills Project in Dumfries for the best part of a decade.

During his time with the Life Skills Service he took part in both a drama group and the creative writing group. He also learned how to do basic computing, and with his new-found skills proceeded to write a novel which staff helped him to self-publish.

During his time with the Drama group Andy played a starring role as the character Angus in 'You Cannot See', the excellent film the group made in 2014-2015, and which made a big impression when it was screened at the SiMS Annual Members' Event in 2015.

“Andy's performance in the film was a pleasant surprise and turned him into a bit of a celebrity within SiMS services locally” - John Scott

You Cannot See starred seven service users, one carer, and one family member, as well as one volunteer, and comprises a number of head to head scenes based on real-life experiences and the difficulties, fears, and frustrations people with mental ill health have encountered during interviews and assessments for benefits and employment.

Life Skills service manager John Scott recalled: "His performance in the film was a pleasant surprise for all of us and turned him into a bit of a celebrity within Support in Mind Scotland services locally."

You can watch Andy starring in the film here..

And let's not forget some hilarious out-takes!...