DEDICATION'S what you need if you want to be a record breaker, and artist and performer Walter De Forest had that in abundance on Wednesday as he set a new world-best total of 160 for the number of portraits sketched in 12 hours.

Vincent Van Gogh actor Walter - who is starring in the Edinburgh Fringe - broke Yorkshire artist David Gilhooley’s Guinness 2014 World Record and raised funds and awareness for Support in Mind Scotland in the process.

Walter's world record attempt began at 8am at the Adam Smith Statue on the Royal Mile and a steady stream of curious fringe-goers helped him motor beyond the previous world record of 152. 

Braving typically-dreich Edinburgh August weather, New Yorker Walter equalled the record shortly after 7pm and set a new record when he sketched the portrait of 12-year-old Harry Smith from Helensburgh. He kept going until he reached the 160-mark and then hung up his pen and notepad.

A jubilant Walter said: "It feels great! I just had to keep going and it really feels wonderful to have achieved what I set out to do."

Support in Mind Scotland chief executive Frances Simpson, who joined the crowds supporting Walter said: "We can't thank Walter enouigh for what he has done. Not only has he shown fantastic determination and skill in breaking a world record, we have also had the opportunity all day to engage with people from all over the world and discuss mental health.

"It was a brilliant effort by Walter and his team."

Walter is undertaking a three-week run of his free interactive art performance show based on Vincent Van Gogh's life, Van Gogh Find Yourself (#VGFY) at the Natural Food Kafe at 55 Clerk Street, and took the time this week to pop in to Support in Mind Scotland's Stafford Centre in Edinburgh this week.





Twitter:        @VanGoghVGFY