Our services support people without age limits, and so we provide continuity of support to people as they reach older age.

We know that health and social care services are still structured in a way that can break this continuity of care, and that people who are over 65 and moved into older people’s services can find that psychiatric care is delivered in a different way.

Someone over 65 with schizophrenia or severe depression can find that they lose the kind of community psychiatric care that they have depended upon to keep them well. We also know that increasingly complex co-existing physical and mental illness make people much more vulnerable, isolated and likely to end up in hospital care.

The actions were are taking:

  • We carried out a small survey of our members and piloted a questionnaire to use more widely. We have produced a summary of the policy and research developments to date in preparation for working with partners to develop better services for older people affected by ageing and mental illness.