If you encounter any broken links or problems with the Open Badges, it is important you bring these to our attention or they will not get fixed.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please speak to your manager or email Frances direct with a clear description of the issue or broken link you have encountered.

We will collate a list of these and iron them out, and also pass any relevant issues on to the SSSC.

It is also worth stressing that the copy of the handbook currently on the website is not the final version, it is a draft. As soon as it is completed (estimated August) it will be uploaded asap.


When undertaking the badges please disregard the following statement on the SSSC website: 'To apply for this badge: download and complete the worksheet for this badge. Applications that are not accompanied by a worksheet completed by you and your supervisor/manager will be declined.'

We want staff to disregard this as the statement and worksheets are applicable to SSSC generic badges ONLY and NOT to SiMS internal badges.