Dane, Mig and Paul - a family living with schizophrenia

Dane and Mig share with us what it is like to support a brother and son with schizophrenia and how it has affected family life. Paul shares in his own words what it is like to live with schizophrenia and have the support of his brother and mum. Read more

A carer's story - Tricia's Journey

It’s been a long journey with hills and sometimes mountains to climb and windy roads! The view on the journey was lost by the tears! Giving up was not an option but having the strength to fight was hard to find at times BUT it has been worth all the stress to get to HERE! Read more

Stuart's story

Stuart shares his story with us, of how Support in Mind Scotland have helped in his recovery, and how volunteering as a DJ for Radio Stafford 103 and his part-time job help keep him well. Read more

Frances Simpson

What recovery means to our Chief Executive Read more

Maxwell's story

Maxwell shares his story of supporting his partner through the ups and downs of depression and how this has affected his own life. Read more

Eric's story

Eric shares his own experience of living with mental illness in the hope that it will help young people experiencing psychosis. Read more

Annette's story

Annette shares her story of recovery and how Support in Mind Scotland have helped in her journey. Read more

Eden's Story

Eden is originally from the Philippines and has lived in Scotland for over 20 years. Eden now runs a successful local business in the Highlands. Read more