This is an accredited, evidence-based qualification, supported by the Scottish Government and managed by Public Health Scotland. This two day course is designed and delivered in alignment with Scotland’s Mental Health Strategy 2017 – 2027. 

What will I learn on this course?

  • How to apply – a 5 step process for providing mental health first aid
  • How to give immediate support until professional help is available
  • What to say and do in a crisis
  • The importance of good listening skills
  • Understanding the connection between mental health, alcohol and drugs
  • Understanding the connection between mental health and discrimination
  • Information about common mental health conditions
  • How to apply mental health first aid for depression, anxiety, suicide, and psychosis
  • Building resilience through positive coping strategies and self-care
  • How to support the recovery of good mental health
  • How to promote positive understanding of mental health in the workplace

Who should attend? Anyone who would like to become a Mental Health First Aider

Delivered In person by a facilitator

Price £225 per person

Participant number Min 8 / max 12