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  • Badges denoted in red are core learning
  • Badges denoted in black are discretionary
  • For Relevant Documents marked '*', please refer to the Support in Mind Scotland Handbook.

SiMS Badges

 Learning Outcomes

Relevant Documents- 

all necessary links are identified in your badges.

Child Protection Evidence up to date Knowledge of Child Protection
Adult Support and Protection Evidence up to date knowledge of Adult Support
Professional Practice Evidence your decision-making skills in line with SiMS policies
Rights based approach Explore ways in which service user rights are enshrined in legislation and how these shape practice
  • SiMS Rights Based policy*
  • Mental Welfare Commission
    Principles of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003
Carer aware Gain a wide perspective of the carer journey and ways in which you can promote carer wellbeing
Mental health awareness You will gain a broad awareness of mental health and ways in which your interactions may need to be adapted

Older people and mental health

Recognise how life transitions can affect mental health and how you can improve outcomes for older people


SiMS Badge: Young People and Mental Health

SiMS Badge: Volunteering with Support in Mind Scotland

*** Before you begin SiMS core Open Badges you may wish to complete the SSSC recommended Starter Open Badges as denoted in the table below ***

Badges denoted in red are recommended as starter badges by the SSSC but are NOT SiMS core badges

Badges denoted in black/blue are discretionary and have been identified to meet learning needs as defined in consultation with Senior SiMS Managers

SSSC Digital Open Badge title Learning Outcomes
(You will be able to)
Each SSSC Open badge has linked learning resources. Below, are additional Support in Mind Scotland resources which may be useful when applying your learning to the workplace
Getting Started with Open Badges Familiarise yourself with the SSSC Open Badges N/A

Writing evidence for open badge applications

Identify the difference between descriptive and reflective writing
  • Record keeping policy
  • Confidentiality policy

Health and Social Care Standards, Basic

You will be familiar with Care Standards
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy

23 Digital capabilities

Use I.T professionally and safely in the workplace
  • Internet and media policy

Observing Children resource
There are 8 scenarios

Be confident in identifying child care concerns
  • Child Protection policy

Making better decisions:
Adult Support and Protection

Be confident in identifying and reporting concerns
  • Adult Support and Protection policy

Risk 1. 2. 3:
A Risk worth taking Scenarios

Assess and manage risk
  • Lone working and personal safety policy
  • Service User risk assessment template
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Restraining policy

Risk 4:
Managing risk and uncertainty

Assess and manage risk As above

Leading and Managing across boundaries

Recognise Local and National influences on services and the importance of building partnerships
  • SiMS Website:
  • Our Partners

Finding evidence to inform your practice

Develop your enquiry skills
  • Supervision policy
  • Learning in Action diagram
  • Your personal log book

Keeping people who use services at the centre

Involve Service Users at all levels of our services
  • Service User Involvement policy

Why it is important to have better conversations

Explore the importance of good communication
  • Confidentiality policy

Good Practice: Health and Safety

Maintain Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Health and safety policy
  • Health and safety template
  • Local SiMS’ service H and S plan