We are a membership organisation with nearly 600 members across Scotland with a wide range of experiences and interests and a further 2,000 people to whom we deliver direct support, news and information on a weekly basis.  This large and diverse base of experience is what makes us who we are as an organisation.

Everything we do and say is evidence-based – evidence that comes from the lived experience of the people we support.

The year in numbers: 

  • 1,300

    people a week receiving direct support

  • 11,500

    one to one support hours a quarter

  • 10,000

    hours a week supporting people in group settings

  • 2,100

    people on mailing lists for information, updates and newsletters

  • 600

    groups a quarter across a range of activities, topics and issues to promote recovery, physical health and skills development

  • 2,986

    hours of volunteering from people who use our services – Peer Volunteering – in the year, provided by 19 Peer Volunteers