Tayside CUThru Service 

Support in Mind Scotland’s CUThru Tayside Service helps young people known to Tayside’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to focus on their wants and needs at a challenging period of their lives. These young people may be extremely vulnerable, often with complex needs e.g. being autistic, as well as having mental health needs such as anxiety or depression. This means they may well feel isolated and different - have problems building relationships and communicating their wishes - which leads to them becoming more isolated in their local community, with their families struggling for support.  

Our focus 

We’re committed to help young people. We share information about what’s worked for others and support you to develop your own strategies to achieve what you would like to. 

We use a rights-based approach, putting you at the centre of your support, ensuring you are aware of your rights. 

We treat any information you give us with respect and work alongside our partner agencies within our confidentiality policy. 

We value your unique experience and insight. With your permission we will use your views to shape and improve our service to help others. 

We will provide: 

Support to children and young people referred to CAMHS to help them consider and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Young people referred may not be known to CAMHS nor had much prior support to reflect on their mental health needs. We will provide a programme of group-based support called “Your Resilience” developed and funded by Mental Health UK of which SiMS is the Scottish member. 

Support young people between 16 and 24 years that are within 3 months of their discharge from CAMHS but need support with their integration back into their local community. The fact we are a charity offering support within non-clinical settings helps us to break down barriers with young people who may be wary of statutory services. 

Support for young people to help them bridge between Children and Adult Based Mental Health services. This transition can be very challenging for young people as they must adapt to the different expectations and practices of services. We will offer a bridge of support over this period. 

Ways we can help 

CUThru Tayside aims for: 

  1. Young people to have better physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  2. Young people to have better connections with the wider community. 
  3. Young people to get access to new skills and training opportunities that will help them to get into training or be able to access employment or voluntary activity.

Our aim is that young people feel listened to & supported, enabling them to better manage symptoms and lead a better quality of life. We do this by: 

  • building a trusting professional relationship 
  • breaking the isolation that can come with these experiences 
  • providing information & sharing tools 
  • encouraging young people to engage with all aspects of support available to them 
  • working collaboratively with other agencies 

And once it’s safe to do so we can: 

  • arrange to meet young people in person, at a time and place convenient to them 
  • hold peer support groups, where members can share their experiences 
  • provide workshops promoting an understanding of voices and invasive thoughts 

CUThru Leaflet

Contact us 

You can contact Tayside CUThru by: 

Email at [email protected] 

Calling: Nicollette Stanton on 07568 225 706 

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