We have been running a Hearing Voices Network in Fife since 1995, a project that was created by people who hear voices and is still going strong. We’re now able to offer this service to people in Perth & Kinross and in Angus.

Our focus

We’re committed to help you to live around your voices & other symptoms of psychosis, like invasive thoughts. We share information about what’s worked for others, and support you to develop your own strategies to achieve this.

We use a rights-based approach, putting you at the centre of your support, ensuring you are aware of your rights.

We realise how difficult it can be to challenge your voices and thoughts and to talk openly about them. We treat any information you give us with respect and work alongside our partner agencies within our confidentiality policy.

We value your unique experience and insight. With your permission we will use your views to shape and improve our service to help others.

Ways we can help

We offer one to one support over the telephone for people who experience the symptoms of psychosis, such as hearing voices, invasive thoughts or other sensory disturbances.

Our aim is that people feel listened to & supported, enabling them to better manage symptoms and lead a better quality of life, and we do this by:

  • building a trusting professional relationship
  • breaking the isolation that can come with these experiences
  • providing information & sharing tools, such as distraction and focusing exercises
  • encouraging people to engage with all aspects of support available to them
  • working collaboratively with other agencies

We offer support in a trauma-informed way and our work is underpinned by a behavioural approach to the management of sensory disturbances.

And once it’s safe to do so we can:

  • arrange to meet people in person, at a time and place convenient to them
  • hold peer support groups, where members can share their experiences
  • provide workshops promoting an understanding of voices and invasive thoughts

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What our members say

“Hearing Voices has helped me understand my voices and are teaching me to cope with them. It is a relief to know I am not alone”

“Hearing Voices can mean that when you become really anxious and need to talk to someone they are on the other side of the phone"

Contact us

You can contact Tayside Hearing Voices by:

Email at [email protected]

Calling: Debbie Wickens on 07597 576 000 or Lynne Penman on 07394 418 429

The Tayside Hearing Voices Network is funded by The Robertson Trust and Perth and Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership.