Resilience Service 

The Resilience Service provides early information and support to people across Tayside who require assistance with their mental health needs, through one-to-one meetings, telephone support and access to groups. The service operates 5 days a week with flexibility to ensure responsiveness to the needs and circumstances of those using it.  

The service links people to a range of supports and providers across Tayside to identify needs early and together prevent unnecessary degeneration in someone’s mental health through promoting their resilience and recovery. The service benefits from the use of Support in Mind Scotland’s National Information Service and Money Advice Service provided in conjunction with Mental Health UK. 

Our focus 

We are committed to helping you improve your mental health, helping you achieve balance and stability where you can better manage your symptoms and anxieties. We share what has worked for others and support you to develop your own strategies to achieve your wants and ambitions. 

We use a rights-based approach, putting you at the centre of your support, ensuring you are aware of your rights. 

We treat any information you give us with respect and work alongside our partner agencies within our confidentiality policy. 

We value your unique experience and insight. With your permission we will use your views to shape and improve our service to help others. 

Ways we can help 

We offer one to one contact in person or over the telephone for people who wish support to better manage and cope with their mental health. We also work with partners to link up with groups and services in the community that can help promote people's resilience and health. 

Our aim is that people feel listened to & supported, enabling them to better manage symptoms and lead a better quality of life. We do this by: 

  • building a trusting professional relationship 
  • breaking the isolation that can come with these experiences 
  • providing information & sharing tools 
  • encouraging people to engage with all aspects of support available to them 
  • working collaboratively with other agencies 

When it’s safe to do so we can: 

  • arrange to meet people in person, at a time and place convenient to them 
  • hold peer support groups, where members can share their experiences 
  • provide workshops promoting an understanding of mental health and how to promote Resilience. 

    What our members say 

    “I would recommend the Resilience Service to other people. You have been ‘brand new’ I feel supported and listened to.”    

    “You are always here for me - someone to talk to when I’ve got problems with my mental health - a smile means the world to me.” 

    “Just wanted to thank you for your call it really lifted my spirits. I find it very easy to talk to you, which gives me comfort. “ 

     Resilience Service Leaflet

    Contact us 

    You can contact Tayside Resilience Service by: 

    Email at [email protected] 

Calling: Mhairi Wild on 07568 227 628 or Sarah Dunbar on 07568 225 709