Support in Mind Scotland offers services in the Tayside area across Perth & Kinross, Angus and Dundee.

For more information, contact us directly or make a referral to: [email protected]

Meet the Team

Sandra Young
Tayside Team Manager

[email protected]

M:0734 2038181

Sandra Young, Tayside Team Manager says "We are delighted to be developing our services in Tayside with Hearing Voices and Resilience projects joining our well established Carer Support projects to offer a wide range of services in the area for people who are affected by mental illness."

Hearing Voices Network

Tayside Hearing Voices Network provides information and support for residents of Perth & Kinross, and Angus, aged 18 years or over, who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis, such as hearing voices, seeing or sensing things that others don’t, or experiencing unusual beliefs or paranoia.
We welcome self-referrals and referrals from mental health professionals and support services.

Tayside Hearing Voices Network 

Debbie Wickens
Outreach Worker Tayside Hearing Voices
[email protected]
07597 576 000 

Lynne Penman

Outreach Worker Tayside Hearing Voices
[email protected]
07394 418429

Carers' Support

Our Carer Support Projects endeavour to reduce the stress and strain associated with supporting a person who is dealing with their own mental health challenges. This is done mainly via person-to-person work by providing information, advice, guidance, signposting to other services and being there when the carer needs to talk.

Perth & Kinross Carers' Support         Angus Carers' Support

Carers' Support Services Leaflet

Ian Smillie
Carers Support Worker- Angus
[email protected]
0773 4739667

Sheila Mackay
Carers Support Worker- Perth & Kinross
[email protected]
07920 490534

Janice Mylan
Carers Support Worker- Perth & Kinross
[email protected]
0759 7578814

Lyndsay Macphee
Carer Support Worker- Perth & Kinross
[email protected]
0759 7579601


What's Coming Up?
Thank you to our partners across Tayside who have provided additional funding as part of Tayside's Mental Health Outcome Framework. These resources will allow us to further expand our Hearing Voices work as well as introduce a new Resilience Service.

The new Resilience Service will provide early information and support to people across Tayside who require assistance with their mental health needs, through one-to-one meetings, telephone support and access to groups. The service will operate 5 days a week with flexibility to ensure responsiveness to the needs and circumstances of those using it. ​

The service will link people to a range of supports and providers across Tayside to identify needs early and together prevent unnecessary degeneration in someone’s mental health through promoting their resilience and recovery. The service will benefit from use of Support in Mind Scotland’s National information Service and Money Advice Service provided in conjunction with Mental Health UK.

Funding from Tayside's Mental Health Outcome Framework is also allowing us to further expand our Hearing Voices Work in Angus and Perth & Kinross. Support in Mind Scotland previously secured 3 years funding from the Robertson Trust to develop this service in these areas. Perth & Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership also contributed 12 months funding for the new service in Perth & Kinross which started in December 2020.

The Perth & Kinross Health and Social Care Partnership has also funded us for one year to work alongside CAMHS and local colleagues to consider how we can support the mental health needs of young people. This new CUThru service is an area we would like to continue to develop in the next year focussing on the needs of young people and what they would consider helpful.

Watch this space for further details!

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